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Evil, Drugs, Violent Crime & Capital Punishment

Evil is the result of random chance happenings of nature. Things like flood, forest fire, landslide, earthquake, tornado, and tsunamis. Evil commonly results from free-will decisions of people. Evil much more commonly results from deliberately hurtful actions by people.

People, whatever their age, for their own reasons, choose to hurt, injure, steal, rape, torture, and murder their fellow beings. It does not matter whether they are young or old, soldiers or civilian, sane or insane. It is their actions that matter. Especially if their actions touch you, or harm you, or yours.

It is the job of society to punish these persons for their hurtful actions. It is not the job of society to provide a lifetime of secure living for those who choose to commit violent crimes. Purposefully injuring, killing, maiming should not be rewarded with a lifetime of free meals, and medical and dental services. I do not understand how the concept of punishment for crimes has been so debased, distorted, and effectively destroyed. Civil society is not working. Civil society is not doing its jobs.

It is time to re-examine our U. S. system of injustice. The original concerns and needs expressed by our Founding Fathers were valid. The Constitution and laws they wrote was valid. It was based on their experience with the British system at that time. That was then, this is now. The whole justice system needs changing to fit the needs of our citizens today.

Crimes are restricted activities deemed harmful to the individual or society. Punishment today is simply a newer form of ostracism. An ostracism without the death that almost always happened when a person was sent away from the tribe to live alone. Ostracism is today only a loss of freedom. Ostracism today is in a safe prison with three meals a day and medical care for varying periods of time.

We now know that prisons, a.k.a. reformatories, do not teach criminals to stop their behavior. Today’s prisons seem to be more like advanced training camps for stronger, smarter, more skilled, super criminals.

Only the stupid, unlucky, or insufficiently practiced criminals get caught in the first place. Many fewer are convicted than the number caught. The purposes of social justice are not served. Victims are re-victimized by the system and that includes the court system.

Society is not being protected to do its job safely. That job is to develop the economy and allow the safe rearing of children.

Much of crime has become a free enterprise, high profit, non-taxed economic system. The non-violent segment of criminals do much more damage to society than the violent criminals. Little is done to catch them. Criminal lawyers are simply a cost of doing business for both groups.

Most of the people in prison today are there for what are relatively minor negative social choices. Sale of small quantities of proscribed drugs. Possession for personal use of proscribed drugs. Personal use of proscribed drugs. This condition examined by any rational person is stupid. America is the only country in the world that has this percentage of its population in prison. The other countries can’t afford it. We can’t afford it.

Alcohol is legal. Caffeine and nicotine are legal. The war on drugs was lost decades ago. Our population has stopped believing in the concept. People want the experience and the use of these substances. We have lacked the moral and intestinal fortitude to see reality. We have lacked the moral fortitude to rescind the legal prohibitions against drugs in the same way we did against alcohol.

Because somebody always asks: No, I don’t “do” drugs. I’ve never personally tried marijuana. I stopped smoking tobacco 35 years ago. I sometimes drink coffee, colas, or tea. I enjoy an occasional beer, or a good margarita, but impairment and hangovers are just stupid. I mostly indulge in cold water, and sometimes hot chocolate.

All the drugs that are now illegal should be legalized like alcohol. They should be similarly controlled and taxed like alcohol and tobacco by the federal government. The majority of small time drug crimes prisoners should be released immediately. Prohibition created a permanent wealthy criminal class. Proscribed drugs are doing the same thing to us again, but on a far larger scale. Stupidity is stupidity. It doesn’t get better with repetition. It is one definition of insanity.

The history of violent criminal recidivism proves that they cannot be reformed by, nor changed by prison. Violent criminals cannot be returned to society to function in a manner safe for the rest of society. It is time to stop this extremely cruel and unusual form of punishment.

It is time to simply put them to death. Death is nothing. Society should be sending them to God, to be sorted out. Maybe He will give them another chance?

Article Source: http://www.religionarticlelibrary.com

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